The Absence Of Others

‘The Voice Of Reason’ ‘All I Wish To Recover’ (Self Help Book, Performance Piece, 365 Pages)

In this Interactive Self Help Book/Performance Piece t
he book mirrors the viewers actions by becoming part of repetive process by flipping through the pages of me digging. You know where this is going, it’s the same thing, differnt day, slighlty different, going deeper and deeper. A complex and layered exploration of personal growth, introspection, and  the consequences of repeated actions, conveyed through a visually impactful and symbolic performance art piece.


- The repetive thoughts can be hypotizing, drawing you into it’s comforting yet self sabatoging ways. I wanted to make a book that can bring you into my world, by flipping through the pages the repetive actions inside this book are mirrored back to the viewer. fliping the pages, over and over again.
- I find it odd to make a book thats not intended to go through the entire way.
- I felt like maybe creating something and seeing it in physical form would allow me to see how damaging it can be. to raise awareness of what im really doing.
- Self sabatoging thoughts in form. i wanted to create a piece that showcased that, and in the process of doing so got lost in battling the very emotions this book was about trying to complete it. the book felt like an endless void to me, filled with tons of reason and negative thoughts about not wanting to do it.

- It was hard for me to complete this book because i got lost in battling the very emotions that this book was about. completing makes me feel like i overcame it.

- I wanted to feel like i can make something productive and useful out of these shitty situation. i guess that reflected back on the hole digging.  making something tangible on this subhject made me think id have a better grasp on wtf i was doing.

- Layers of meaning and ways of reason/interpreting the book are reflected amongst the pages in a metaphorical way.
- This is my version of an abstract self help book.

- Completing makes me overcome it i hope. i just felt like i had to make something out of it.

- Realizing how repetive negative actions and thoughts can lead you into an endless void
- Losing sight of your surroundings.
- I was fighting the very emotions of what this book is about as i was trying to finish it. the book in itself felt like a void, like an concept i wanted to approach at an arms distance. i kept overthinking, repeating the same thoughts and getting lost in it. completing feels like i got myself out of it. like i won.
- I was brought up to believe i was only valuable as a person if i provided something, i spent my time providing somethin but it just put me in a darker place. farther and farther away from my surroundings.

- 365 days 365 pages
- “Progress” but for what?

“Your dwelling shall be far from the richness of the earth, far from the dew of heaven above.”

Forms of display
- 365 pics in one calendar form 6 months top 6 months bottom. Raw Metal Frame. Glass. Screen printed on old canvas.
- 365 screen prints on one canvas. Create abstraction.
- Hole picture with raw metal frame 40x60
* these should be side by side next to each other like a 1/3 display.

By Takumu Kamihagi 上萩 拓夢 (b.1995)

Sakurajima 桜島 1914 Scultpure
- Boro Boro Fabric Sculpture of Sakurajima isoltated before 1914

This centerpiece explains the history of sakurajima, how it was an isolated island and after the eruption in 1914 it connected itself to its immediate surroundings. I wanted to explore the themes of connection through destruction. How opposing themes can hopefully re connect us to learn more about our past.

Boro boro Fabric Sculpture of Sakurajima in the center of the gallery, this resembles the center of all ideas around the gallery, the surrounding enviroment is not crafted into the sculpture, the crowd around it is the enviroment it hopes to connect to. - Boro boro Fabric Sculpture of Sakurajima in the center of the.

I chose to use the traditonal boro boro fabric to create this sculpture as it represents the rugged, forgotten, and used distressed pieces to create one.

Make this with found fabrics in the desert.

‘The Forms Of Your Voice 2024’ / ‘ The Voice Of Reason’

- 2:30 min video, 3D/Animation, 3840 x 1080, split screen

Audio from childhood VHS tapes run through an audio reactive grid. Utilizing the highs and lows of past experiences to create an artifical shape of Sakura Jima. The right side of the video of is Sakura Jima. A volcano that was isolated by its surroundings. Which in 1914 erupted and destroyed its self and the community on it, but connecting itself to its immedite surroudings after by molten lava.

This concept shows how our conversations can ultimately create the landscapes of our existence. 

- Notes. i can get a video of Sakura Jima in person on VHS or Tape, or 16mm on tripod.
And create the audio reactive grid from the sakura jima 3D model. Or a picture of me in front of it filmed on VHS.

Sculptural Gardens
Landscape Sculpture / Performance Piece / Film

- my in·ter·pre·ta·tion/inˌtərprəˈtāSHən/ of a zen garden (in western landscapes)

- a way of making two seperate upbringings into one. Growing up in japan and growing up in america.

- creating the art from a distant home with where i live now

- i never felt like i belonged in both places growing up, in japan i was odd, in america i was odd.

- these sculupurtal gardens are a meditative way for me to figure out a way to merge two into one to make sense of it all.

- zen gardens are suppose to promote solitude. is it solitude...or isolation? i often ask myself this question in my day to day life since i spend most days alone.
i want to capture this in my film as i immerse myself into the very elements that i use to create this sculpture.

- this sculpural garden also resmembles sakurajima, i immerse myself in the elements of the volcano. going to dead volcanos and immersing myself in them.

- 5-10 minute film 1920 x 1080 split screen
Directed by Takumu Kamihagi and Anthony Wilson shot by Jordan Pollack

My version of a zen garden in western landscapes. I’m trying to recreate the essence of a distant home with where i grew up now, the video is accompanied by meditative performance pieces showcasing my longing for a distance past that no longer exists. (isolation, struggle, confusion, sadness (cave shot wipe sitting)
The zen garden also resemlbes sakurajima. Isolation,  

Framed Picture
Create a piece that explains this very idea of what this concept is about. A Before and After the eruption of Sakurajima.
I’m thinking something white/transparent. Layering. Frosted glass? White print of it layered on glass?

make a big print of this, in green or whatever.
then in frosted glass make the exact cut out of the surrounding area

Make the ocean transparent and clear so the backgrounnd is visible
Make the surrounding area covered in frosted glass
on top of the frosted glass print the details on it
Expose the mountain with nothing in front
THICK metal frame with werld marks

this is a current map, but the idea still remains, there are always traces, we are connected but sometimes still choose to be alone.

*concept (make each layer seperate. looks like one but theyre apart.
You (volcano), the distance between your surroundings (ocean)  the surrounding area (enviroment)

Its up to you to decide, if you want to connect, its the angle in which
we see things that may or may not make us whole.

Tinted Mint Blue Glass behind
Ocean is see transparent
Frosted glass in fron tof the entire surrounding area.
Raw Steel Frame.

The Voice Of Reason
By Takumu Kamihagi 上萩 拓夢 (b.1995)

Past Reflections

Performance Piece
5 min video 720 x 526
- talk about your present actions only moving past you to observe only when you stop. the answers found in nature.